• African Dancing Workshop


    Everywhere you look, dance is captivating the nation and there has never been a better time to bring its colour and energy to your class or organisation. We are proud to introduce our dance workshop which can be run either independently or to coincide with a day of music workshop Dance is a good way to introduce children to other cultures in a fun and active way. Even after a short session, each group should be able to take away routine that can be performed elsewhere to parents, peers or others


    Every child will have a role to play of the nativity viewed from an African perspective as well as being able to express themselves through drama, dance and music, the children participating will get to learn more about Africa through our interactive sessions

    In corporate settings, the productivity and creativity of teamwork can be harnessed as employees and employers develop the skills to work harmoniously towards a shared goal.

    With authentic costumes and movements, our dance workshops provide an engaging experience; but there is much more to discover and experience. Whether you’re looking to enhance the school curriculum, provide an alternative to P.E. lessons or strengthen team-building skills, you will be impressed with the structure and content of our workshops.