• African Arts and Crafts


    We offer the following workshops

    • Tye & dye,
    • Cloth printing with Adinkra symbols
    • Mask making
    • Bead Making

    As always, our workshops are designed to be fully interactive, We encourage children to think outside their own immediate environment, and to understand the impact of their actions on those who share our world. By introducing children to designs and crafts from the world, and using this to create their own textiles, masks, jewellery etc they are able to make important connections between themselves and other parts of the world

    And at the same time, they will learn some of the intriguing cultural meanings that lie behind the representations (for example, the spiritual associations of traditional African masks).

    In the workshop, participants also learn about the meaning and representations of certain masks, such as the spiritual uses of masks evident in some ancient African traditions.